MFP: Stefan Hefele

Stefan Hefele is a landscape photographer I have stumbled upon who I actually really like. His work is kept simple and honest to the scenes he is photographing, and does not over complicate a beautiful scene with mass editing and alterations.

1600173782252_G2SRJnMB_l Photographer-Stefan-Hefele-231His work has a strong tie to the natural environment in which he is working, and the colours and composition of his works makes me want to carry on walking down the path to see what else I would discover. What I connect most to, is the fact that he is obviously just walking around (or down  a path) on many occasions and simply waiting to find the perfect moment. This is exactly how I have found my work to be the most successful; simply taking a camera and not forcing a scene or constructing a moment. The strong contrast within the colours between the sky and the ground add a warmth to the work.


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