MFP: National Geographic

I have been a subscriber to National Geographic magazine for a few years now, and the quality of the photographic work published is just astounding. The scenes depicted from around the world are completely mind-blowing, but as a photographer I always stand back and admire the scene as a photograph first, and not a place. For this reason, I am surprised it has taken me so long to realize the potential inspiration there is to be found in the piles of magazines I have around my house. Working through this as a landscape project, I understand that the ability to photograph wonderful landscapes actually requires me to be around wonderful landscapes; any images I would create around Coventry would have slightly less oomph than a photograph taken on a deserted island, for example. However, opportunities are everywhere, and the second part to producing successful work is to be inspired to do so. So, I have a found a selection of images through National Geographic that make me completely determined to one day make images like this, and to make the most of the scapes I have at my disposal currently.

godafoss-aurora-iceland_65568_990x742 lone-mangrove-504165-sw sunrise-badlands-park_65570_990x742 toad-river-brown_3737_990x742


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