MFP: Tod Hido

Tod Hido’s work which is of particular interest for me are two projects; House Hunting and Roaming the Landscape. These two projects amaze me, as they were taken in such a pure and simple way similar to mine. Hido has driven round in his car during the night, stopped when a scene caught his attention and photographed it using a tripod through the back of his car. To me, this mirrors the simplicity in photographing what you stumble upon, what you find beautiful and not constructing scenes when there is beauty to be found.

todd_hido_0 toddhido


These images are examples of Hido’s work from House Hunting.

‘Todd Hido’s color photographs of domestic landscapes reflect the artist’s interest in the themes of home, family, and memory. Taken at night, his photographs depict anonymous dwellings, their windows glowing in the soft darkness; the resulting feeling is one of unsettling isolation and unease. Hido captures a haunting suburbia through the absence of people and the careful modulation of light and color, alluding to imagined narratives taking place inside.’ PIER 24 PHOTOGRAPHY

ToddHido_276 3His landscapes are the ones that have caught me personally, as they have a very dark feeling behind them; the tones and the emotions behind them. The mystery behind the scene is added through the rain on the car window,which adds a slightly dreamy atmosphere to the work. It is the kind of work I would most like to produce; the simplicity in the method adds to the work, as it allows the scene to speak for itself and not be surrounded by the technical ability involved.


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