MFP: Coombe Abbey

To explore a different avenue of landscape photography, I visited Coombe Abbey as they have beautiful lakes and rivers running through the lands. Here are my strongest shots from the visit.



IMG_9778This is by far my favourite of the set; as the composition of the image draws your eye down the centre to follow the river trail. I have noticed a drastic change in the atmosphere through my work as the seasons have changed. My earlier work for this project were darker, more ominous pieces. This was due to the stormy weather through England towards the start of the year, whereas the work I am producing now has a much brighter, lighter atmosphere. This is an inevitable change through landscape photography,as the quality of your images greatly depends on the weather and the quality in the sky. As Iplan to continue with landscape photography, it will become imperative for me to work during the seasons I most prefer to my highest ability. It is difficult to say which I feel is stronger, as I don’t really see any issues with these images. However they just lack the mystery nd passion within the stormy atmosphere.


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