MFP: Pairring

The next stage of my work is to understand the connection with literature, and ultimately find a piece of text that I feel is encompassed in my work. For my final image, this came all too easily. Through my research into Wuthering Heights and my reading it through in order to collect quotes that jump out at me, I found a short, simple sentence that evoked the same feelings as intended through my image.

The sough that runs from the marshes.’

When I read it it made me close my eyes and picture the time when I took the photograph and I really feel it embodies that moment.

sough  (sou, sf)

intr.v. soughedsough·ingsoughs

To make a soft murmuring or rustling sound.

A soft murmuring or rustling sound, as of the wind or a gentle surf.

[Middle English swowen, soughen, from Old English swgan.]
The wind running between the trees and across the fields. This text I will have made in vinyl under my work, with no description or title alongside so the viewer is only focusing on the image in front of them and the text which will evoke an understanding of the moment.

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