MFP: Cheddar Gorge

This weekend I visited Cheddar Gorge in order to get cliff top images to contrast with the Welsh landscape. The images produced were, in my eyes, as strong as the first set and I was more than happy with them. However, disaster struck again and the memory card I was using became corrupt and wouldn’t let me download any of them. After a struggle with many freeware recovery programs, I found a program by SanDisk who make the memory cards. They have a free download which will show you it can find all of the images, but then charges £60 to download them. I think this is so disgusting, and surely is illegal to charge the customer to fix a fault on their own product? Frankly I would rather go back to Cheddar and pay the entrance fee again than to give SanDisk any of my money. Here are the screenshots of the program and all my lost images. Hopefully over the next couple of weeks I can find the time to return and reshoot these photographs. A slight saving grace is that they give you 25 of your photos to download, how generous of them.

gorge1 gorge2 gorge3


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