MFP: Final image selection

Although I have been granted the extension for all the trouble I had with the loan shop, the exhibition opening is looming, meaning that I can’t really afford to wait until I have completed my project and planned and shot my finals. However, my initial image of the Welsh landscape is such a strong image and works so well with cut-ups of classic books; this is the image that inspired the change of concept so I feel it will work perfectly for my gallery space. I am getting this printed larger than A0, as I want the image to make an impact and draw the viewer into this mysterious landscape. Being so big it will block out the blank wall space around and place the viewer in the setting. I’ve chosen a dark wood frame to make the tones in the image, because I feel in a black frame it will look slightly washed out. With the wood frame it will look more like a complete piece. I’ve chosen a cream mount as well to add to this, to compliment the tones in the image itself.

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 13.54.05


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