MFP: Alteration

After struggling through numerous photo shoots crafted under the illusion of film stills, I don’t feel happy with the images I am producing and I’m really frustrated. I feel like I am putting in all my time and effort and not getting anywhere near happy with the outcome.  The first set of pictures I made of landscapes in Wales seem to have so much more excitement to them, and I feel this is the route I need to direct my project. It would be really foolish of me to stick with a concept that I am coming up short on, as I’ve wasted a lot of time with nothing really to show for it. So I am going to slightly alter my project leaning towards the landscapes, and instead of creating film stills, encapsulate the scenes in which stories would take place. I am nervous about altering my project at such a late stage, but I feel I have exhausted every possibility of getting successful outcomes through my original guidelines. So I will be shaping my project to fit my obvious strengths and moving away from something that hasn’t been working for me. The photographs I took have a very stormy and passionate atmosphere to me, which I think mimic scenes described through literature. I have always had a strong connection with literature, and have used many of my favourite books as a basis for art projects in the past. This is the way I will alter my project; creating images of the settings in (mostly) classic novels. By photographing a landscape well it can create intrigue and excitement at the story that has taken place there, as it is human nature to add storylines to things.


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