MFP: Jon Levy Tutorial

My tutorial with Jon levy helped encourage my idea alterations, as I was feeling a bit uneasy about altering my project so drastically. After showing him my work and explaining the concept behind my first sets of images and the troubles i had, he engaged much more with my set from Wales, as did everyone else in the class. i explained that I feel as though I have wasted so much time trying and failing to create what I had in my head, yet I made some beautiful works with far less effort. These images took me back to what I first loved about photography; seeing something that is beautiful and wanted to capture it. Levy agreed, and said he could see that through my work, the interest and passion. Although he said it was very brave to alter my work so drastically and point down another route he agreed it was completely the right decision if I my initial attempts were unsuccessful. He did say that I needed to take the time to see if I could actually produce such strong works again, or if it was a one-off. I am going to do this over the next week to develop this style further and compare it to my first set of images.

His advice to me was to pin down the concept behind the images as a second step once I have established the style, but to follow what I obviously enjoy doing.


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