MFP: Phillip Di Lorca

This is a series I had in my head for a while during the planning of this project, however I struggled to put the name to the face. Philip di Lorca has created many differing works, the most memorable to be being the head shots taken in the street and these, which j struggled to attribute to the same photographer.

This image in particular had stayed in my mind as very cinematic and theatric piece of work. This series in particular have stayed with me. ‘Hustler’ is a series created in LA in which he paid prostitutes and drug addicts to sit for him in a preconceived setting. the setting he often found them. The careful staging of the lights creates a strong contrast to the dingy street around them, and this creates the cinematic effects I was referring to and also hoping to create.

This is an extract from an interview with Di Lorca, this section relating to the cinematic observations and settings of his work.




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