MFP: Image Mapping

The photographs I’m going to take for this project, for it to be even remotely successful are going to have to be mapped out and composed perfectly before I even get the camera in my hands. I’ve been doing a few sketches of possible images so far. It is important that each frame is perfectly constructed to create optimal view of the entire scene to the audience in an enticing way. For this reason it is vital that each image has been mapped out, similar to a story board for a film to allow me complete insight when organizing my subjects for a certain shoot. This is a style of photography that I have not had much experience with, as in the past when deciding on an image I have had a rough idea, and mostly improvised with what worked on the day. Arranging an image completely to begin with is both exciting and unnerving.

What I have been concentrating mostly on is recreating the cinematic atmosphere created through a film. It is hard to pinpoint the effect of the screen that causes this, yet is is more than easy to tell the difference between a film still and a simple photograph. Photographers such as Dave Hill and Michael miller have both created this is different ways, with hill’s being drastically altered in post production. For this reason I have been developing and experimenting with pre-existing photographs in order to crate this style. HDR photography is something that is quite hard to create with a single image due to the wide range needed for combination. These I am planing to create first of landscapes, as the three images needed will be difficult to capture of people. Once mastered I will experiment with one people, but meanwhile I am attempting to create a similar effect with a single starting image.

StoryBoard:Film MISC-Storyboard- FV- pic260-275


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