MFP: Cindy Sherman

cindysherman-untitled-film-still-21-1978Cindy Sherman is a photographer and director who has been renowned for her series of untitled film stills. This series was created between 1977 and 1980, with Cindy acting as both photographer and model as she recreates a series of cliched film scenes. The role she creates for herself differs between each image, as she creates a range of characters easily relatable to American film noir; dramatic camera angles and atmospheres. The series is called ‘untitled film stills’, as Sherman chose not to name them in order to aid the ambiguity surrounding them. It surprises me that Sherman is the only photographer widely known for this style of imitation photography as I feel her works are lacking a lot of the narrative and intrigue that shroud the cinema. Sherman’s wider appeal was to the female audience; the ‘fictional femininity’ that grew around Sherman’s youth is clear through the cliched portrayals of  fem fatales and the sex kitten.  untitled film still #11


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