MFP: Levy feedback

After producing my dreamfolio for Jon Levy’s first tutorial, I realized how different my work has become since I started University. I began with a strong interest in editorial photography and a desperation to learn about studio photography and lighting. Since however, I have concentrated on processes after an interest grew with transfers and processes. Creating this portfolio has caused me to alter my plans for my final piece, from  a process driven piece using Polaroid transfers and book dedications to dramatic portraiture.

I explained to Levy where I collected each of my additions from and how they had inspired me over the years. His  replies surprised me, yet I found that I agreed with everything he was saying. He said it was clear that I was working towards being an editorial photographer. He told me to work through my portraiture and focus on telling stories through my images, stories of the subjects life. He said it did not necessarily have to be their story, but my story; the way I see them. This is something that greatly intrigued me, and an advancement of skills I have been intending to do on many occasions.


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