MFP: Levy Dream Folio

Week 1.
What makes you tick and where do you want to be in 5 years?
Students are asked to build their “fantasy portfolio” by clipping and copying photographs taken by photographers other than themselves.
The portfolio should contain a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 18 images that reflect:
a) the kind of work that first inspired them to become photographers
b) the kind of work they hope to be making in the years after they graduate
c) the images that have always been the most formative and influential to their own style as a photographer
The portfolio can be made up of single stand alone photographs and also series of images from picture stories.
Note for picture stories it is advisable not to include more than three or four from any one story.
Portfolios do not have to include series but they should all include individual images that represent a genre of photography and instances of well known or lesser known works by established photographers.
Please try and collect images that are at least 800 pixels in size at 72dpi for display on a computer screen
Any source is permissible: screen grabs, jpg files, phone camera copies of books or newspapers or magazines or exhibition photographs.
Edie SedgwickAndy Warhol – Edie Sedgwick
Bary Lategan - TwiggyBarry Lategan – Twiggy
Bob Willoughby-HepburnBob Willoughby – Hepburn
Yousuf Karsch- BogartYousuf Karsch – Bogart
Jo Spence - monsterJo Spence – Monster
Annie leibovitz-whoopi-goldbergAnnie Leibovitz – Goldberg
Annie Leibovitz-Marie AntoinetteAnnie Leibovitz – Antoinette
Michael O'Neill - Connery and CaineMichael O’Neill – Connery and Caine
Chris Floyd - Eva GreenChris Floyd – Green
Jill Greenberg - GirlJill Greenberg – Crying
Michael Muller - JuniorMichael Muller – Jnr
Michael Muller - PhoenixMichael Muller – Phoenix
True Romance Still#2Film Still
True Romance StillFilm Still
Sin City StillFilm Still
seba kurtis- drownedSeba kurtis – Drowned

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