SYMPOSIUM: Robbie Cooper

Robbie Cooper’s project on Alter Egos is an observation on the way people represent themselves in online communities. Avatars are created by a user to act as their body through online gaming sites and can be designed in any way the user likes, be it very realistic in regards to their real physical form, or a fantasy body. Robbie Cooper’s project follows several users and he photographs both their real physical selves and their online representation to compare the alterations and preferred-self to the real. This is an interesting exaggeration of the points I am trying to put across in my symposium; that we each have a preferred-self that we represent through photography. Using photographs in creating a slightly altered-self on Facebook is different, as the nonymous setting makes it only possible to slightly alter the identity. The anonymous community allows the user more freedom to create a complete re-design of the self.





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