PHONAR: The final Shebang


10 thoughts on “PHONAR: The final Shebang

  1. For a project whipped up in a few days, this is absolutely beautiful. Well done! Don’t be so hard on yourself.

  2. Really like it! loved the snapshots in context of good memories. also looks like you had a good response on the blog part of my problem was that no one wanted to contribute to my site so well done.

  3. I really liked the montage of images. I found it quite sad and it made me think of relatives that I have lost, it is a very important subject especially around this time of year and you portrayed it beautifully. Well done, Josie!

  4. the quotes of random families work really well. to see this on a larger scale, a book, a film. be careful of the volume of your music, there were times when it completely overpowered some quotes. but a great clip ONE POUND FISH

  5. Powerful project, made me cry. Keep it up, but be careful, because as you know, is very gentle and fragile. Could re-arrange them into categories.

  6. you know how much i like this work, seeing as now i have a personal tie to it as i gave you my last memory of Sarah, so when i see this it really triggers an emotional response. The video is fantastic a really nice story and the fact you pulled it all together in two days is brilliant. love it! x

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