PHONAR: Lost Photographs


I have lost people that I care about, so have you. This project is a way to remember the best times we have had, and the wonderful people they were. Losing someone doesn’t just mean someone dying, there are people we have lost along the way that we don’t know anymore. 
I work in a Cancer Research  Charity Shop, and every day we have people coming in and telling us about the people they have lost to cancer and why they want to help us raise money for the hope of a cure. Listening to everyone’s stories; sometimes happy memories, sometimes sad longings; it made me realize that though all of our memories are different, the stories of the sadness afterward are the same. 
I just want to hear your story. Send me a photograph of the person it is you lost, and the happiest memory you have of them. I want to make a place where we can laugh and smile at the stories and try to not focus on the sadness. I know it can be hard to talk about, so feel free to join in and scroll through everyone’s stories. If you would like to join in, please send your story and photograph to:  so I can add it to the page and share your memories as well. 

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