PHONAR: Lost and Found

Think of your family photo album. Think of a single image in it that holds so much meaning  for you about your family. We all understand the importance of these moments and the memories they bring back to us. But what about the lost photographs? What about the lost stories that have been forgotten along with the nameless faces? The connection that is made between the lost people in the photograph and the person who finds it is a strong one, as we become the author of the lost story. Who was this girl, and who loved her enough to want to remember this moment? Only we know the answer now.

I wanted to start this project after looking through my old family photographs, and feeling sad about the people non of my generation can identify. The stories and memories that have been lost have left an album full of nameless faces that we’ll never know. Finding a new story for these people is like giving the photograph another life, one that might be completely different from the real one, but it’s still a happy memory to add to those happy faces. The hope is that eventually, we might find someone who knows the real story?

I have found hundreds of homeless photographs that have had the same fate, and I want to give them a new story.

Why should you help? Because when I think about the photographs I have now, and how sad it would be for them to loose our stories. I hope this is the same for you. If you want to get involved, please please email me with you stories or just comment underneath and I will post it along side. If you have found any photographs you want to add them send them along as well, the more, the merrier.

My email:

Chose a photograph. Chose a face. Write their story. Find the lost memories behind these faces. Maybe, somewhere along the way we’ll find someone who knows the real life behind the story.

To join and follow, please jump over to the shiny new blog:


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