As children we are taught to respect our elders, to listen when they speak and respect their wisdom. We live in a country with over 10 million aged 65 and older. And yes, those who grew up and had kids have a family to care for them, a family to listen to their stories and make sure they have everything they need to live a comfortable life. But there are those who don’t have this luxury. Who cares about the people who have been taught by life, that people don’t actually care what happens to them? I am documenting the life of a lady who is amazed at someone like me caring, and wanting to listen to the stories of her difficult life.

This project is a documentation of the stories of our older generation. Not my grandparents and not yours. But does that not mean their stories are not worth remembering? They grew up and made their lives in a different World to ours, one that had a purpose and a reason.


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