PHONAR: Chris Floyd

Chris Floyd, one of the most approachable guest lecturers we’ve had. He worked his way up from the bottom, and the great thing about him was how honest he was with the way he worked. He told us about how difficult it was to be in a boring hotel room every time he is sent to photograph someone, and how he has his failsafe techniques he uses when there is nothing else to work with. This was pretty refreshing, as I think a lot of reason is added to work these days that just kind of happened.

According to google, he was acclaimed for his quick response to the digital transformation of photography and embraced it faster than most who held a grudge. Change with the times. His project based around Twitter is a perfect example: he took his 140 ‘friends’ on Twitter and photographed them, brilliant. It does no good to cling on to the past and scorn the future. Get on with it and embrace it, otherwise you’ll be left behind.


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