PHONAR: Spencer Murphy

Spencer Murphy: a really nice guy. Spencer came in to talk to us about the legitimacy of film in the art world.  The struggle is much like the struggle of photography as it pushed its way into the art world and struggled to gain recognition as a form of art. four ‘looks’. What are the four looks? Well, he explained the first three as the conversation between the photographer and the subject, the subject and the viewer. The fourth look is the shock factor. To prove his point he made us watch the opening scene to Carrie (1976). It’s your pretty standard male view point; a girls locker room, frolicking about naked, slapping each other bottoms, enjoying a shower a little bit too much. Then, BAM. Carrie gets a period. Not so male-fantasy. This is the shock factor. Nice guy, always makes you sit up and listen that bit more.

In the QA part of the day, Jonathan brought up all my PICBOD work and how ‘forth look’ it is. Spencer loved it, giving me a cause to blush explaining it all and a bit of a kick to start working like that again because I actually really enjoyed that work, and got my self some damn good feedback.


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