RAWFMT: Dishing out roles

THE BIG FINALE: The final degree show.

In order to help dish out responsibility in a fair way and to prevent us all bouncing around the room, everything that needs to be done for the final degree show has been delegated into job roles, just enough for two of us per job title. My job? Fund Raising. I’ve done quite a bit of fund raising in the past for Cancer Research UK, however it is an awful lot harder to get people to part with the money without a charity on the receiving end. I’m working with Kye Tidman, and we have a lovely list of plans and ideas as a starting point to help up reel in the money.

Here’s a brief list of the ideas we think will be dooable:

– Raffle

– Host an event night at a nearby club and charge entry

– Re-launch the PICBOD exhibition we held at the Artspace and charge entry.

– Cake sale

– Sell prints of work

– Sell the work donated by Jonanthan Worth and other photographers at our PICBOD exhibition

– Sponsorship: find local companies that may be interested in sponsoring us

– Sell tickets at the after show

– Sell studio time

– Sponsored bike rides for Oli and Kye, other people’s possible sponsor opportunities?




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