PHONAR: Tweaking the Project

Before I started sending out the kodak moments project to try and get people involved I wanted to give it a good thinking over first, mainly to stop myself looking silly. SO, after a very informative meeting with the wonderful Jonathan Worth, time for a tweaking. I think this project is going to struggle to get off the ground, just because it has to be something amazing to get people to get off their butts (not that I’m saying you’re lazy and sitting on your butts, but I know I am, and it’s going to have to be something that would get me off my butt to be worthy). So here’s the twist. Instead of sending it out to you fine people, I’m going to shift the participants. I’m taking the photographs into schools. Asking the kids to write a story about the people in the photograph. It will be a completely different project. If you’ve ever listened to a kid tell you a story, you know how imaginative they are.

So now, my next two steps. Start doing a bit of research on other photographers who work with kids, an start contacting schools. Thanks to Jonathan, I’ve got a school inĀ Leicester who he knows are after something new to do with the kids. One down. My junior school, sure to help as I’m an old pupil. Two down. And I know a lovely lady who works on the board of a primary school who I hope I can convince to let me sneak in. Three down.

I am still quite interested in trying to get some peoples input in this project. Now I just need to figure out how.


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