PHONAR: Duckrabbit

As a radio documentary producer he worked a lot for the BBC and through a charity attached to the BBC in Ethiopia. Most recently he has started a company called Duckrabbit, creating photo-films and documentaries. They also open workshops to enhance new photographers skills in story telling and narration.

The serious side to this is the fact that few people are clocking with how well radio sits onto mobile devices, but these devices have screens. It has become appropriate to learn through this ability and work through images and audio as a way of getting closer to people, and allowing your images to get closer to people. Bringing the two together is a beautiful tradition that is getting lost. It opens a whole world of possibilities to a new skill set and way of working we are just discovering.

Duck rabbit is the only REAL company in the UK doing this work, which is disappointing because it is a well driven business with a lot of opportunities for work. This comes down to change: people HATE change. Illogical. Duck rabbit is selling photography with a sound documentary, interested in creating a market that had yet to exist. This work needs to be created and channeled into the needs of others.

Fundamentally there a few things we, as budding photographers need to be able to do to crack on the market. These days it’s not really enough to just do one thing; especially for a company like Duck rabbit you need to be able to jump ship and work with multimedia and be able to jump depending on the needs of the client. Ultimately, we need to be able to tell a story by the best means possible, and this won’t always be just through photographs.

Everybody needs mentors. Everybody needs to take advice. Everybody needs to collaborate. Simple?


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