PHONAR: Alienated Senses (mashup)

For this task we were asked to work in pairs, either with someone else from the class or a non-photographer. One of you needs to be blindfolded and in charge of the soundscape. The other, ear earplugs and be in charge of the photography. The purpose of this task was to focus our responses onto a singular sense; sight or sound and stop them from interfering with each other. Me, being an idiot, did this wrong. Being focused on our photosense work where we were discussing going out together and attempting to take some photographs blindfolded in order to understand the work of those we were researching, that’s what I did. My photographs are a response to sound. Don’t worry, I’ll do it again properly. I think it has made a completely different piece however, as I found myself trying to capture cars as they sped by and things that I could sense as apposed to see.


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