PHONAR: A Life in the Day

So, the final Phonar project. A life in the day. My idea for this one is quite simple, I am going to listen to peoples stories. I work in  a charity shop, and through it have met some amazing people. In particular there are two older ladies who I want to base this project on. I’m going to go to their homes, have a cup of tea, listen to them tell me about their lives. I will be recording their stories, making a record of their memories. I’m going to take some portraits of them as well to put with the sound recordings, real portraits in their own homes. I’m hoping to get copies of some of their own photographs as well to include in this. Listening to their stories at the shop made me realize what interesting lives they have led, and I just want to document that. This is probably one of the simplest ideas I’ve ever had for a project, but the simplest have proven to be the best. Simple, no mess, no confusion. Just photography and memoirs.


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