PHONAR: Unphotographable

Phonar task three: this one is a tricky one. Choose an unphotographed moment from the website, a series of moments missed by Michael David Murphy, and I think it is the best idea I’ve heard in a long time. We all have images we kick ourselves for not photographing and writing them down is a beautiful way of capturing them through words. Reading through the site there are plenty I would love to photograph, but I’m unsure how. We can use our own archive of images to create this, but as my external hard drive has committed suicide I’m a bit stuck on this one. I have chosen a scene. I was going to do one about a lady on the phone in a car but that seems far less poetic that what this piece could become. The images I plan to use are from a trip to Scottland last year, and I intend to go out into the woods and photograph some select images of the book page to add in. I hope to record the sound of birds singing as I think it will made a beautiful contrast. Here it is anyway, lets get going.

This is a picture I did not take of an illustration of a bluebird on a page torn from a child’s textbook, nor is this a picture of the illustration as it fell from the low branches of a tree, where it had been trapped like trash beside a plastic bag, and when the page was blown from the tree, it fell to the ground slowly, the illustration facing me like a reminder of a bluebird, and when it landed at my feet, the illustration spun a bit in the wind, as if the bird knew it wasn’t meant for this, and would try everything it could to flap up off that page.


If you’d like to get back to PHONAR itself, here’s the link:


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