Fifty Shades of Grey: Does anyone care?

Fifty Shades of Grey is the new big thing. In my mind, it is porn for people who don’t watch porn. The overwhelming controversy caused by the book has left two pretty strong minded sides: those who post on Facebook after reading every single page and those, mostly religious groups who have gone as far as to ban the book in their region. But what is so bad about it? It all boils down to Media Effects Theory, which basically states that the media is directly responsible for our actions: media violence results in real World aggression. There are however plenty of people disputing this fact, but personally I think it’s somewhere in the middle. With a book like this, is it down to the popularity. Women who have never delved into the world of porn before can now read a romantic novel (which before they would have stuck their nose up at) but, it’s ok! Everyone is reading it, so you can too. It’s positive reinforcement, tugging at the back of my psychology knowledge of BF Skinner, the guy who, in the fifties stuck a bunch of rats in a cage and let them figure out if they get a shock, they don’t get a treat. If they press a button, they do. Positive reinforcement. Want to watch porn? Societies women stick their noses up at it, so no, we can’t watch porn. Or at least we can’t tell people we do. Want to read fifty shades of grey? Get a pat on the back. Everyone is! Everyone is talking about it, everyone is running out to buy nipple clamps, so now we can too. It is a socially acceptable form of porn. If you want to shove poles up your bum and clamp your nipples til they bleed that’s great, but please don’t tell me in the attempt to get another pat on the back for copying a book. 

Ok, I haven’t read it. So I may be right off the mark. But do I need to? All the more ‘well behaved’ girls I know are telling me about it anyway. It is a pretty inoffensive book; my only qualm is why everyone feels the need to go on and on about it. Ok, you’ve read it, I don’t care. If I were to watch porn on my phone sat next to you on the train, you’d revolt. But you can read this next to me on the bus and tell me how great it is? Society is strange.


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