SYMPOSIUM: Research Proposal

I intend to research the construction of an autobiographical memory through the use of photography, which allows us to choose what we wish to convey; the selection of images as the outward concept of ourselves we subconsciously hope to present. The moment captured in the form of a photograph is taken as cue to our memory as an extension of reinforcement and construction of the notable moments in our past and our own personal identity.

I am researching this as the understanding of memory and the strong connection with photography is present in everyone’s lives. How we connect our memories, what we deem worthy of photographing and keeping, what helps us make these choices and the affect they have on our personal identity. The construction on memory happens in both a conscious and subconscious way, and I hope to understand the role photography plays in this. “We construct ourselves for the image and through the image,” Don Slater.

I intend to do this by first investigating the psychological understanding of memory, triggers and the links we make to physical objects. I intend to work both through my own family albums and through a series of photographers who work with intimate photography, and choose to exhibit works of their own family.


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