PHONAR: Pre-Task

The pre-task this year; my journey to school.

Document your journey to school, to  work, to wherever the hell it is you go. Just document it.

My journey to school. Well, I’ve been to enough of them I can tell you that, so which to choose? Do I just photograph the walk? Do I film it? Do I try and be really creative and think outside the box? The pre-task is always a strange jumping point for every project. You’re not too sure about the class, not too sure about what’s expected of you, not too sure what the hell is really going on. So what to do. As a pretty basic starting point of my own, and starting in a pretty bad mood on the first day I wrote down what I thought every five minutes on my way there. Nothing too exciting, nothing too impressive. Time to mash it up with some snazzy photographs or maybe a soundscape. Hmm. I’m sure I’ll think of something.




If you’d like to get back to PHONAR’s own site, here’s the link:


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