PHOTOSENSE: The Braille Photography

The Braille Photography is an unusual concept. It is a series created by a man called Christian Varisi, who initially learned braille as his brother began to loose his sight. The unique abilities that his brother experienced and by learning braille himself helped to broaden the understanding of communication. By combining photography with Braille, I find it to be a strong contradiction of communication. ‘For those who “see” without an exact translation, these points are an impenetrable wall, for others it is the opposite. If we put a picture in the hands of a blind and tell him that this is simply a photograph, without any details, he would be able to see countless worlds in that piece of paper, just like us who see could imagine that these Braille pictures represent many thing. Eyes, as photos, can be deceiving. Close them every now and then and you’ll go back to See.’


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