PHOTOSENSE: Sight Unseen

Sight Unseen was an accomplished exhibition hosting the work of the World’s most recognized blind photographers. The understanding of the work created by blind photographers is limited, with this exhibition aiming to expand the appreciation and perception. The work of the artists is separated by difference in ability and the way this is harnessed. The abilities range from full blindness to legal blindness, who retain a limited range of sight and colour.

This exhibition aims to explore the basic understanding of sight and the concept of reception. The photographers within this selection create work through their unique sight of the world, challenging the understanding of perceived sight, and the preconception that the lack of sight is detrimental to the art of photography. The question posed to the viewer is whether sight itself abets blindness; that the use of our sight limits our ability within art to the rules of which we are taught. The work of blind photographers is created through a different understanding of sight; feeling, creating conceptual work that is pure and unfiltered.


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