‘A Single Man.’ Directed by Tom Ford, it is a story based around the struggles of loosing a partner, and being able to find the little joys in life again. Ford is a World Renound fashion designer who is mostly famous for ‘his turnaround of the Gucci fashion house’. The most intriguing concept within this film is the representation of emotion through the use of color.

The majority of the film is desaturated; dull and seemingly lifeless. In the moments where the George Falconer finds joy in his long and dull day the dynamics change; the screen is filled with colour as it seems to explode momentarily with his emotions. The strong contract between the scenes helps to emphasize  the representation of the happy and miserable atmosphere. Colour is a powerful tool through many artistic channels, as we automatically connect the brighter tones with happy and light elements, and the dull and darker undertones to the sinister elements within the piece. This is seen through art and photography alike.

Within this film the manipulation of color creates an entirely new subtext within the context of the film, emphasizing the emotional complexity of the main character. The warmth he feels with human interaction is brought into light with an explosion of color. Simple pleasures taken through the day are also brightened in an artistic flourish that brings the same swell of emotion to the viewer alongside the main character.


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