SYMPOSIUM: Photography as a Record

Photography and memory stretches further than that of our own personal memories being encompassed in a physical form. It also stretches to the memory of the World. We remember the history of the World through the words and images created by those who lived through it, who saw it first hand.  The only way we can construct an idea of the past is through what is left to us by those before. The biggest example to be brought to light is the War. Robert Capa is an acclaimed photographer from the Second World War, who has been hailed for his unique depiction of the violence and suffering during the War.

The images he captured during the War across Europe and around the World are today seen as a powerful portrayal of the pain and suffering during the War. However, the aspect of his own photojouranlistic agenda and the time and place should be taken into consideration. Should another photographer have been there, he may have captured a completely separate set of images throughout the War. It is the choice of the photographer what to photograph, what they deem worthy. Would another have chosen this subject? Would a different depiction have been created?


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