I feel I worked well within the team environment within every aspect of my experience. The majority of work I completed was with fellow photographers on the course, however I had not actually worked with any of them in the professional environment. There were a few arguments that took place between the students, however overall I feel we worked well as a team. However, my opinion of how I worked may be very different to others perception.

I have received reviews from fellow photographers regarding their thoughts on working with me in a team.

‘I was asked by a fellow photographer Josie Sutton, who i had the pleasure of working with on two different occasions to review how she was to work with as part of a team. The first was a wedding we did down in Portsmouth and as part of a team she worked extremely efficiently and professionally which helped me out a lot because this was my first experience at shooting a wedding so it really helped having someone there who knew what was going on and who could help me out. Throughout the day we communicated well together and this was a massive bonus because we had to cover the whole day, so with out good communication skills from her we would have not been able to do this. I think as a duo we worked fantastically well because we have known each other for a while now and as a photographer i respect her a lot and when she asked me to do the wedding with her i didn’t have to think about it because i know she is extremely easy to get along with and i would happily work with her again. The second opportunity that arose where we had to work as a team was the picbod exhibition, her skills as a team player really shined through here and she was extremely good at organizing and getting the job at hand done. Working in such a big group can cause a lot of arguments but when your working with someone whose so organized and calm as Josie its easy to get along with the job at hand and enjoy yourself at the same time. In the future i would happily work with her again.’

‘Josie Sutton in my opinion was an excellent team member of the Picbod exhbition. Her continual input was extensive, always present to do cleaning and odd jobs despite living in Birmingham. One day she very kindly brought in the services of her dad to help with hanging frames on the walls which was extremely helpful not only for herself but for many other students. She was trustworthy, hard-working and reliable, three of the most important traits for a team member in my eyes and she got along well with everybody involved. She was a valuable member of the team and I would happily work with her again in the future.’


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