Picbod Opening and Private viewings

For the opening night we collected money off everyone involved and bought (what we thought) was enough refreshments for all of the viewers. However, within an hour of opening the doors we were already out of drinks and over a hundred people full. Walking around and mingling with the guests was a very enjoyable experience. Everyone there was very interested and willing to discuss the work at hand. By the end of the evening we had over 200 visitors through the door, and were all very busy all night mixing with those who had come to support us. Thanks to the advertising team, there was a huge proportion of guests that had found out about the exhibition through social media sites and fliers. We were also informed that three other exhibitions taking place that night had closed early and the majority of the guests leaving and heading to picbod instead.

Over the week following, the exhibition was open to schools and colleges bringing students to experience the kind of work University inspires. I helped to guide one of the tours, explaining the concept of the exhibition, the work we had created and the way the exhibition had be set up. Standing in front of a group of young artists and photographers and giving a talk about my own work made me very nervous, but it was a very invigorating experience at the same time.


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