picbod exhibition preporation

Discussions began about the exhibition very early, with planning taking place on several occasions after lectures. Once we had handed in our final submissions, the date for the exhibition was set very close at hand. This meant almost a week was spent in the Artspace basement cleaning and rearranging the space. On the first day in the basement, the roles were split between all in attendance. I remained in the basement to help the cleaning up. Over three days were spent down in the basement simply emptying the rubbish, cleaning the walls, drying up the damp and collecting all the dirt. It was a hard job, as it seemed to be never-ending. After opening the fire escape doors to let some fresh air in, we discovered a beautiful little patio which was perfect for a social area during the exhibitions opening night. After scrubbing the tables and sweeping the floors and steps it began looking very picturesque.

After we felt we had achieved as much as we could at this stage, it was arranged for all of the group to bring their work to the basement in order to plan the layout. It was important to arrange the work in a way that flowed throughout the space, however we were also working around the restrictions of the basement. As the walls were all so old, we were a bit unsure of the stability. My dad was our allocated handyman, who, once we had laid out the work in order came and spent the day hanging all of the framed work. We needed to sweep round constantly while we were working, as the dust was constantly gathering.

One of the worst parts of this was the hole by the front door. I was the unlucky soul to have to crawl in and errect a projection space for the slideshow. After initially doing it we found it to be too close and I had to dig it all up and start from scratch. It was very messy work, however I enjoyed getting my hands dirty and putting in the hard graft to earn the chance to exhibit.


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