Collaboration Work

For the last few weeks I have been planning a project with a fellow student with the collaboration of our work. The discussion began as a comment on the work I did from PICBOD, and her interest in completing some work surround the same concept of distortion and the conception of beauty. Much of her work in the past has surrounded the distortion of the image. Through our time together I have found myself very inspired by her personal work as her style is quite different from mine and I feel this collaboration will push us both out of our comfort zones and expand our ways of thinking as we experience each others method of working and the way we each develop ideas.

From the conversations we have held and the initial plans we have laid down, I am very excited to begin working. We plan to work with our own bodies, as models will remove a significant portion of the experience of distortion and the understanding of the body that we wish to encompass through the work.


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