Cakes etc.

Last year I photographed a selection of a cake companies designs for use on the website. It is something I have done at different intervals over the last year. During this module I was given the opportunity to again photograph a new set of designs to be used for advertising purposes, both online and on a new set of leaflets.

In preparation for the shoot, we began by looking through all of the images taken in the past, and discussing what the desired outcome would be. I started off taking basic image sets of the cupcakes, and we looked at some examples online of the style she was hoping to achieve. After the meeting, we then purchased items that were needed such as patterns napkins, colorful plates and lace tablecloths.

When we met again she had created cakes with similar colours regarding the props we previously bought. Over the duration of the shoot I began using a selection of plates and napkins to create more aesthetically pleasing images for the advertisements. I found it a very easy working environment with just me and the owner, as we worked well together in a relaxed environment. By taking the time to sit down with her and discuss what we both envisioned for the final outcome, it gave us the time to properly prepare and be working on the same aim. I feel this was a valuable experience as it was the first shoot I hadn’t only exchanged emails with the client regarding plans, I had physically met up and taken the time to really discuss the outcome and what was needed. This helped us to work more as a team, as discussing it had allowed us to both interject our own ideas and build upon each others, as apposed to both turning up to the shoot with different ideas and clashing. We merged our plans and worked very well together. I feel this final meeting and shoot before the end of the module has really helped to highlight how far I have come in what is realistically a short space of time.

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