With regards to creating a webfolio, it is quite difficult with the experience I have produced. The Asian weddings I have completed have all requested to not have any of their images shared either online or through the companies own advertisements. I found this through the wedding, that a large number of the guests were approaching me and asking not to be photographed at all. This was a really difficult way to work, as it was not only a simple request, it was against their religion to have any images made of them. I found it very frustrating, as I had been hired to capture their wedding day yet I couldn’t do it to my full ability. Whilst I was working I was having to keep a careful eye on the crowds I was photographing in order to prevent offending any of the guests. As I am unable to include a large portion of the images on my webfolio, I will add them into my video presentation and password protect it so it is not viewable to the public.


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