I have been offered a job working as an Asian wedding photographer for a company called DigiCreations. I visited their studio to discuss the general schedule of an Asian wedding and to better acquaint myself with those working there.

A wedding will last three days; the Mehndi, the wedding and the party. Each religion has a slightly different variation of the schedule of the days. I spent the day in the studio discussing the wedding and what was expected of me, and worked through their previous images from a wedding service and the accompanying videos. During the weddings the men and women are kept completely separate and the brides side cannot even have a male photographer or videographer with them. So I wouldn’t even have the opportunity to assist their current photographer on a wedding to learn first hand, I would be going alone to a religious ceremony I had never attended before. This meant it was crucial I took the time to properly understand a rough schedule and what was expected of me throughout the three days. Working through a number of their previous wedding photographs gave me the opportunity to understand in the closest way I could of the protocol.


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