Wedding booth

As what I consider a stroke of luck, I have got a paid job working with an Asian Wedding company. The first day working with them was spent working on a wedding booth. This is something I hadn’t heard of before, but has proven to be very popular. They obtained a contract with a number of venues in order to hold a small booth whilst weddings are taking place. This gives the guests chance to have professional photographs taken of them during the day. This particular day did not prove to be particularly popular, however it was good experience as a different type of photography that I have previously done. Unfortunately, the camera I borrowed from the Media Loan Shop was damaged, and when connected to the computer via the usb cable was unresponsive. I had a card reader for the beginning of the day, however the pins inside were damaged by the memory card in my rush. For this reason I only have a few images myself, as I began using their camera from this point. They sold the images 3 for £10, and printed them on the spot.


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