Final Image

So, the matte medium was rubbish. No use. Failure. Luckily, I have learnt my lesson from past experiences and left myself a plan b. I bought some stickery paper that you print on, and have printed off my chosen final image on and stuck it onto the mirror. To be perfectly honest, I’m more than happy with the result. Yes, it doesn’t have the messy artsy quality that I love about modpodge transfer, but it does let the viewer focus more on the image itself, and lets the mirror reflect through stronger than it did with the mod podge. It looks moreย luminous. So with the glass firmly in place, I’m done. Voila.



14 thoughts on “Final Image

  1. mate you know what i think about this i think its brilliant and you’ve done really well, i think it would be great in an exhibition and i can see it hanging in some posh ass house or museum. I love it. x xxxx

  2. Really cool!! Should be really proud for overcoming something that was obviously difficult for you. I good expression of your views. Would like to see how it would look if the mirror was more exposed and your initial idea was realised

  3. mate, u know how much i love your photographs and i’m mega proud of you for having the guts to do and then having the guts to show everyone so well done mate. for improvement i would definitely say carry on with the mod podge stuff on glass because i think they look awesome. well done ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Josie,
    I think you should be incredibly proud of yourself! The piece is incredible!
    Its something you would see in an art gallery or a photographic exhibition!

    You should definitely keep experimenting with this texture style work, it is a great set of work, that you are clearly talented in and enjoy engaging with.

    Keep it up ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I really do like this image. It is the first one where it is just one image and I think it says it all. The size works perfectly as it reminds me of the renaissance. Being full sized it shows every part of the body very well and shows the female body for what it is and not a stick thin lady without many features. i don’t know what more to say than I think its a wonderful piece of art. Well done.

  6. Hi josie. great final piece, all i can say is just to keep practicing the technique of getting it onto glass, the mirror idea would be great and i think that would be a really strong point to the piece.

  7. I love it! Think the size is perfect. Like the idea of mirror and way viewer to see themselves while looking at your work. Would be great if you could print and present it on mirror, as you tried to. Really interesting and engaging the eye. Love the idea of imperfection if I might say that, I mean not the model they want us to accept every day – the skinny look. Love to see more. Well done, keep it up, because it’s great!

  8. lovely. really intriguing, the metallic sheen really adds to it and fits with the gold frame. shiny!. I would say you should probably print it again, just with the dark square and misprint in the corner. If you get it so it fits the frame perfectly and no cross over lines (unless thats the effect youre after ๐Ÿ™‚ ). It would be even more fandabbydosey. ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Really lovely piece ! I think that the composition is interesting how you choose to frame the subject with the absence of the head and leg, which to me takes away the communication aspects of the human body, but I feel that this enhances the manipulation that subject Is doing by pulling her body with her hands, food for thought !

  10. This is very interesting piece of work and you have an excellent reason for doing this (that you wanted to portray the bodys true form and not what we see in the media. The artifact is excellent and you have really thought about how the image should be represented.

  11. If you ask me what you’ve made isn’t as bold and corageous as I thought it would be because what you have actually done is been yourself and totally honest with yourself. which is the most natural thing you can do. Of course in our day and age sometimes being natural IS seen as bold. Why should women shave their legs or pluck their eyebrows if they don’t want to? How terrible it is that we are made to feel so bad for it. When people say ‘just be yourself!’ – how was that ever an issue in the first place? Who else should you be? Your work is beautiful as I said before and if ever you need assistance in the fight against the “perfect zero 0” typecast woman I am right there with you ready to bear my body! In fact yeah – why not do a series of “unconventionally” beautiful women….? Superficial, shallow media people and hollywood, etc etc need to be fucking taught that real beauty is about the mind, about creativity, about kindness, friendship, family, our bodies are merely shells… And to judge someone on their shells, the vessels which hold their organs together, something which they CAN’T decide for themselves or change, is fucking preposterous. Shoot more women! Girl power!

  12. You have created an amazing artifact, that I think is so original. I don’t really have any feedback that could help you because I think you have achieved something brilliant. I like the fact that the viewer is meant to look at the mirror and see themselves through it. Well Done ๐Ÿ™‚

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