Prep for the Gallery.

So as to my plan of the glass laid over the mirror, I now need to face the predicament of hanging this huge heavy piece on the wall. I initially planned to have it standing in the room, however I think being at eye height will make it have much more of an impact unless I do a full body piece. I think keeping to the central body and having it as an anonymous portrait makes it much more intriguing, as keeping the body as a form instead of looking at the person creates more interesting reactions. 

Glass is heavy. The offcuts I got were too much for me to carry, let alone a metre wide frame with mirror stuck on the back. And attaching it to the wall? Seems very improbable. So for a solution, I have been considering buying a framed mirror from somewhere like Argos. These are already strong enough to hold the mirror, and have the wall mounts that are also strong enough. Another piece of glass stuck on the front won’t hurt. 

I also have an update on the thinner primer transfers: success!! They’re a bit pealy at the sides but I think that is more down to me being impatient and not leaving it to dry long enough as opposed to the primer. 

ImageAnd number two:



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