This is the same image as before on the glass, except I have laid a overt (?) piece of glass on the top. I think that is the word the man in the shop used. It is basically that cloudy glass with the lumps and bumps people have in heir bathrooms. I was planning to print onto a large piece of this, however I think I am becoming more impressed with the mirror transfers because of the light reflection. I am in the middle of waiting for some more to dry that have a much thinner layer of tile cleaner/mod podge mix. This gives the image something to cling onto. All of the attempts I tried straight onto glass just peeled straight off because it is not an absorbent surface. Tomorrow I am picking out my final materials, and at the moment I am planning to get about a metre squared of both mirror and the bumpy glass.  But I am going to do many more experiments this evening so I am sure it is the right choice.


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