New Plan.

For my final set of images, I had the idea of continuing with my popular style of diptychs. However I wanted to create a much more intriguing set. I intended to have one shot of a nude model, straight on without any kind of pose on the one side, and a very personal and intimate portrait of them on the second. This way they are taken to be seen as both a form and a person. I think in picbod our main aim has been focusing on the body, whereas this would draw back to the person photographing and create an intimate series.

I spoke to the art department in order to get in touch with the life models they use for their life drawing classes, as I have been struggling to find any models with ‘real bodies’. Every advertised model is what you would expect; tall, slim, perfect body. I wanted a more realistic set of portraits. Again using people I know would defeat the point I think, as we are all pretty average twenty year olds and there would be no stories to be found and reality in the portraits. However aside from being told the request would be passed on I’ve still not heard anything back. As time is short and I don’t think I will have the opportunity to arrange to photograph them in time, I have reverting back to my original idea of printing onto glass. Today is the day to salvage the scraps from a glass cutter and prep them for transfer. I hope to get a large assortment of colours, textures and style glass so that I can combine them together into an imperfect canvas which will reflect the human form, in what feels like a very pompous arty way, but I think it will look very dynamic when it is completed so I will live with the pompous status until then.

The images I am going to transfer for this will be a collage of images of the body; however I want to create a final image of a single photograph transferred onto a large piece of glass to stand in the middle of the gallery so people can walk around and see through the image and allow the figure to be translated onto the forms of other people around. I also plan to transfer onto mirror, as this will encompass the idea or looking at your own body through the image of another; feeding off the concept that everyone judges their own body based on the understanding of the ‘normal’ body.

I intent to continue with the idea of the diptychs as soon as I hear back from the models, as it is a concept I want to continue working on regardless of missing the deadline for the picbod submission.


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