Queerists Exhibition Prep.

After an awful lot of tooing and froing about what work I want to display in the gallery, I have finally settled (will help from Mr Worth and the photography people) on the Polaroids. The second step was deciding how to present them, as I initially wanted to simply use pins and allow it to be interchangeable when people purchase an image or set. However! As the peice of work is a response to intimacy (and my recent intrest in transfering images) I have opted to transfer the images onto a bed sheet. Right now I’m waiting for them to dry so I can carry on with the rest, as I’ve got myself a bit lost with the order. Judging from past experience though, I am not leaving myself open to failure! I have purchased foam board as well as a huge box of pins, in order to create both pieces and decide on the most successful by the end of the day.

On a lighter note, I am in love with mod podge. Transfering images is something I am desperate to try out on all kinds of surfaces, hopefully leading up to glass as this is an idea I have had for my final picbod work. I’m both nervous and excited to see how this comes out today, and I need to learn to be more decisive with my work. Both the sheet and the pin style have different connotations regarding the concept of intimacy. To be honest I’m not very sure exactly how long you’re supposed to leave this stuff on.


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