Website So Far.

So it goes without saying that website design is not my calling in life. I’ve been struggling along on Dreamweaver with everything I tried flying all over the place. So I decided to scrap it all, and start again. That way everything I have learnt so far would be put into a new sheet without having underlying styles hiding there. I am still keeping with my simplistic design. All across the internet there are hundreds of tutorials for Dreamweaver in the same way there are for Photoshop, which I have made the most of in figuring out how to make a navigation bar. So far I have created my Home Page and set up a working navigation bar to take you to a Contact, Blog, Gallery and a Bio page. These are all empty at the moment, but I feel much more comfortable working my way around Dreamweaver than I did initially. Here is a screen shot of my home page. After the research I carried out I know that I want a clean page without clutter, so I have kept to a white background with charcoal text. I used the same text for my title than I did in my blog so they are in keeping with each other.


I designed this is Photoshop and then attempted to copy it over, however I struggled. I started again, using Div Tags to seperate my page into a context box and the navigation bar. This will sit in the same place on each page.


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