Studio Portraits

I have booked out the Photography Studio all day on Tuesday so I can take both myself and through me the project out of the comfort zone. It will be much more demanding on a confidence level to be able to photograph myself of a nude subject within the studio atmosphere. It will also be much more informative; using the studio lighting to explore the body as apposed to using the available light at home. I am determined to produce a series of experimental images over the day as well as a final set of images. Over the next few days I am going to make a plan of action; lights, poses, effects. I am also going to research into studio portraiture, as although it is something I have done before, it is a much different ask when photographing a nude. I’m basically going to figure out exactly what I want to produce instead of just heading in there and messing about, hoping to get lucky. Watch this space, research to follow.

This is a blog I came across after they started following me on Twitter. I looked at their profile, found the link. It’s a really amazing collection of nude portraits, ranging from the artistic, to the experimental, to the slightly pornographic. There are some really inspirational images featured on this site, especially with regards to PICBOD. The only downfall is that not all of the works have a mention of photographer or any information regarding the work, so there is no way to explore the work of the photographer.


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