Another decision.

The work I’ve done for this task has left me all a muddled up. I’m happy with my pictures, don’t get me wrong. But I’ve hit a time to make a choice which is something I’m terrible at. The way the images were lit is very soft and warm. I loaded them into Photoshop to have a little tweak with the dodge tool, and one thing I have become obsessed with doing is trying the ‘auto’ tools. Auto tone, auto contrast, auto color. I’ve never stuck with them, but they always seem to completely change the way the image looks and I like to see my work in a completely different way to how I have shot it. But in this project, I find myself pretty impressed with the effect of the auto color tool. Instead of the work having a soft and warm feel, it makes them raw and harsh and brings out all of the blotches and lumps and bumps in the skin. Disgustingly unflattering, but I can live with that. So now I have two sets of images; the original images, exactly how I wanted them, and a second folder with the same images, but in a harsh way. I’m terrible at making decisions, but this one is particularly hard as I like both sets for different reasons. I think I will set the option to the class tomorrow and see what the general consensus is.


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